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Bounce Watch Joins the Alberta Catalyzer* Traction Program! We've been selected to participate in this esteemed program, fueling our mission to revolutionize VC-startup connections.

*Alberta Catalyzer is part of the Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program, led by Alberta Innovates.

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Designed to match startups with interested investors and streamline the entire investment process. Say goodbye to the limitations of the traditional venture capital market and hello to a new era of efficient deal discovery and collaboration.


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Navigating the complexities of securing funds and establishing a strong business foundation can be daunting for startups. That's where we come in! Our innovative platform at Bounce Watch is expertly crafted to help you conquer these challenges, facilitating connections with the perfect investors to drive your growth. Partner with us and unlock the true potential of your startup through unparalleled expansion and success!


AI-powered matchmaking:

Our advanced algorithm matches your startup with venture capital firms interested in your area of expertise.


Comprehensive due diligence & valuation tool:

Get an in-depth analysis of your startup's value, including team experience, market competition, and cash flows.


Tailor-made deal management & tracking:

Monitor your investment process and stay informed every step of the way.


Access to a vast network of investors:

Expand your reach and connect with relevant investors in our extensive network.

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Are you an investor seeking high-growth startups to diversify your portfolio? Bounce Watch offers a unique, AI-powered platform to connect you with promising startups that align with your investment goals.

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Efficient deal sourcing and origination:

Our AI algorithm identifies and matches you with startups that fit your investment criteria.


Market intelligence and data analysis:

Access comprehensive data and insights to make informed investment decisions.


Virtual data rooms for due diligence & valuation:

Streamline your investment process with our secure, virtual data rooms.


Portfolio management:

Monitor and manage your investments with ease through our intuitive platform.

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