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Bounce Watch: Spotting the Next Big Opportunities

About Bounce Watch

Welcome to Bounce Watch, where we redefine the investment process with our innovative AI-powered platform. Founded in Amsterdam in November 2023, we are dedicated to providing real-time, actionable insights into startup performance.

Our Journey

Our story began with a vision to address the challenges investors face in the rapidly evolving startup ecosystem. By utilizing advanced technology, we aim to simplify the scouting process and provide meaningful data-driven insights.

Our Mission

Our mission is to streamline and enrich the investment journey for investors. We offer a platform that helps investors identify high-potential startups efficiently and effectively, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive investment landscape.

Why Bounce Watch?

Bounce Watch offers a unique advantage for investors by combining automated scouting, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive data into a user-friendly platform. Our system expands your reach beyond traditional networks, ensuring you stay updated with the latest performance metrics of startups. With personalized alerts and efficient pipeline management, we make it easy to track, assess, and prioritize investment opportunities. Our commitment to providing detailed, actionable insights helps investors make smarter, more informed decisions, ultimately transforming the investment process into a more efficient and effective journey.

Your partner in making informed and impactful investment decisions.
Frequently Asked Questions

We make it easy for you

We will answer the most frequently asked questions about Bounce Watch. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With AI at its core, Bounce Watch is designed to innovate the way you connect with the startup universe, presenting a dynamic alternative data platform that boosts startup performance tracking. It unlocks actionable insights for financial firms and investors, optimizing the scouting and deal flow management with extraordinary accuracy and efficiency.

Bounce Watch serves early-stage to growth-stage investors, corporates engaging in M&A, startups, and B2B companies seeking strategic advantages in private markets.

Bounce Watch offers company, talent, and strategic signals, covering firmographics, funding, team dynamics, web and app intelligence, social engagement, and more.

By tracking performance, Bounce Watch helps users spot opportunities and make informed decisions quickly.