Bounce Watch secured investment at €2.5M valuation 🚀

Bounce Watch Closes First Investment Round with €2.5M Valuation for Its Real-time Intelligent Startup Scouting Platform 🎉✨

Amsterdam, June 27, 2024

Bounce Watch, the AI-powered platform co-founded by Cem Otkun and Sedat Yusuf Ergüneş in November 2023, has announced the successful closure of its pre-seed investment round, achieving a valuation of €2.5 million. The funding round was supported by prominent angel investors including Aylin Kosova Bilgin, Can Üzel, Deniz Güven, Dora Güçsav, Gülin Yücel, and Süha Güçsav.

Bounce Watch represents the next generation of AI-driven technology, offering real-time alternative data and actionable insights to revolutionize venture capital investment strategies. The platform simplifies startup scouting, monitors performance, and streamlines deal flow management. Featuring live company tracking, tailored industry updates, and advanced matching algorithms, Bounce Watch empowers investors to identify opportunities early and maintain an advantage in the dynamic VC landscape. Currently, Bounce Watch boasts a comprehensive database covering over 350,000 startups. By the close of 2024, the target is to expand this to 4 million startups, to connect with 45,000 investors, and facilitate more than 300,000 investments. Positioned as an indispensable tool for VCs and CVCs worldwide, Bounce Watch is committed to enhance decision-making through smart, data- driven insights. "As the Co-Founder & CEO," Cem Otkun emphasizes, "Bounce Watch is dedicated to equipping investors holistically with all the essential insights required for the most informed, real-time and most effective investment decisions."

Bounce Watch delivers detailed startup performance tracking, encompassing metrics such as investment inflows, team dynamics, technological advancements, website traffic trends, media exposure, and social media engagement. These real-time updates empower investors to refine their strategies and seize investment opportunities before others with confidence.

Bounce Watch founders are enthusiastic about the future and remain dedicated in their commitment to supporting the venture capital ecosystem with innovative insights, capability, and tools.

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With AI at its core, Bounce Watch is designed to innovate the way you connect with the startup universe, presenting a dynamic alternative data platform that boosts startup performance tracking. It unlocks actionable insights for financial firms and investors, optimizing the scouting and deal flow management with extraordinary accuracy and efficiency.

Bounce Watch serves early-stage to growth-stage investors, corporates engaging in M&A, startups, and B2B companies seeking strategic advantages in private markets.

Bounce Watch offers company, talent, and strategic signals, covering firmographics, funding, team dynamics, web and app intelligence, social engagement, and more.

By tracking performance, Bounce Watch helps users spot opportunities and make informed decisions quickly.